Lodhi Gardens Delhi – Green Alcove Amidst the City!

flowers in Lodhi gardens

flowers in Lodhi gardens | Image Resource : roundtablewriting.wordpress.com

It was our final day of Delhi trip. We had visited almost all the key tourist places. We thought of relaxing and do a bit shopping from Delhi. I was interested in shopping for my family members, as they would be waiting eagerly for it. It was 10am when all of us set out to the main market at Connaught Place. It has a very vast market area and all types of trendy things are available. We walked around and all of us of picked whatever we wanted like shoes, clothes, earphones and few accessories. We returned to the hotel for lunch.

People at Lodhi garden

People at Lodhi garden Delhi | Image Resource : advanirajesh.wordpress.com

Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens Delhi | Image Resource : flickr.com

Lunch at the in-house restaurant was delightful. It was an elaborate buffet, which served both Indian and Chinese cuisine. All of us had our choices and went back to the room. We did a bit of packing and had a nap. We had booked bus tickets for the return journey and we were to leave the city at 10:30pm. After a good nap, we placed order for tea. It was served in the room and we had the entire evening to spend in the capital city. We decided to go to Lodhi Gardens. We hired a rickshaw that dropped us in front of Lodhi Gardens. The green surroundings attracted all of us. It was indeed a cool place in the metro city. We entered into the garden and whew! It is a huge area. Many visitors were already there for evening strolls, some were lazing around, chit chatting with friends and of all it is a paradise for lovers. Away from the city crowd, many couples were spending the evening in their own romantic way.

Mohammad Shah tomb

Mohammad Shah tomb | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

We moved on and could see a number of buildings, which are built in the style of Mughal architecture. A three-domed mosque, Mohammad Shah’s tomb, Lodi’s tomb are some of the major buildings within the garden. The location reminded me of some of the classic Hindi movies that were picturized in the location. We got busy with our cameras too. We clicked quite a lot of photographs in front of the monuments and in the garden. We were sad that an exciting trip is ending. Delhi is inviting all of us again. We began discussing about the next vacation and the places to explore.

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