Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, Delhi – A Must See Location!

Delhi was treating all of us good! We were thoroughly enjoying all the trips and activities that kept our holidays really engaged. It was a day to explore wildlife. We chose to visit Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary. Distance from the hotel was around 33km and it would take about one and half hours to reach the place. We had already spoken to the hotel staff to arrange for a vehicle and we preferred to have someone who was familiar with the route and the area. It could help us in the journey.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

We were all fresh and ready to leave. All of us had a heavy breakfast so that it would carry till afternoon. The vehicle was on time and it was 8:30am when we left the hotel. We were happy to have a polite driver who also did the job of a tourist guide. He was familiar with the place and told us stories about the location before arriving there. The journey therefore seemed less tiring. We had traveled to the southern tip of Delhi, which was almost to the border to Haryana. Asola is situated near Tughlaqabad and is the northern most-end of the majestic Aravalli Hills.

Aravali hills

Aravali hills| Image Resource :

Black naped hare

Black naped hare| Image Resource :

As we arrived at the location, it seemed to be a dense forest with plenty of flora and fauna. WE entered into the area and saw a Government Forest Department building. One of the key attractions for which many tourists arrive there is the CEC (Conservation Education Center). It is the information center where you can obtain knowledge about the existence of flora and fauna and the means to conserve them. We paid a visit and gained knowledge about bio-diversity and conservation of nature.

Inside asola Bhatti sanctuary

Inside asola Bhatti sanctuary | Image Resource :

The location has over 160 species of birds and we did see many here and there. There are a number of medicinal plants. As we walked along, we came across trees. The trees had a board, which mentioned the name, its family and so on. This helps visitors to attain some knowledge too. Of the animals mentioned to us by the Forest Department authorities we spotted only Jungle cat, black-napped hare and a huge number of monkeys. They told us that there were blackbucks, Blue bull, and porcupine and so on. Being close to nature is one of the best ways to spend a holiday..

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