Humayun’s Tomb Delhi – An Epitome of Kingly Lives!

After spending about two hours in Qutub Minar, we proceeded to another monument of historical significance, the Humayun’s tomb. Though it is only 12km away from Qutub Minar, it took about 45 minutes to arrive at the place. It is said to the first garden-tomb of India. Another masterpiece of Mughal architecture! The elegant monument stands surrounded by lush green gardens. I began to capture pictures from all angles. What a breathtaking sight! Red sandstone, marbles and minars ornamenting the tomb are remarkable. Intricate work at the entrance and the ceiling is all extraordinary.  We saw a separate chamber with Humayun’s cenotaph.

Humayun's Tomb Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb Delhi | Image Resource :

The monument has been declared as a world heritage site and a lot of restoration work is done to maintain the glorious monument.Lavish 30 acre surroundings make the place look like a paradise. Char Bagh, the Persian Style garden covering the four sides enhances the beauty of the location. Apart from Humayun’s Tomb, the complex also has other monuments. As we walked towards the south-east corner of the garden, we saw another erected monument in the name of Babur. It was Babur’s tomb, which has less history to speak, but it seemed to have been built1590.  The tomb has two graves within and it stands on a raised platform. I also noticed that Quran verses were inscribed on the graves.

Char Bagh Humayun Tombs

Char Bagh Humayun Tombs | Image Resource :

On the west side of the garden, you can see the tomb of Isa Khan Niyazi on an octagonal garden. Other monuments within the complex are Afsarwala Tomb and mosque, Bu Halima’s tomb, Arab Sarai, tomb of Nila Gumbad and the residence of Chilla Nizamuddin Aulia outside the main tomb. It was a whimsical journey through the Mughal historical times. I thought of the pomp and pleasure of the royal lives in those days. Unique architecture, elegant colors, inscriptions and the intricate work on the tombs speak glories even after centuries.

Isa Khan Niyaji Tomb

Isa Khan Niyaji Tomb | Image Resource :

Sabz Burj Outside Humayun Tombs

Sabz Burj Outside Humayun Tombs | Image Resource :

Humayun's Tomb from the entrance

Humayun’s Tomb from the entrance | Image Resource :

Incredible India! I am fortunate to have visited these places, which I have been seeing only in pictures.  I had a great time and on my return journey to the hotel, I took out my camera and began to see through the pictures captured. A lot of family discussions were going on within the vehicle. Another amazing day in the capital city!

View Of Humayun's Tomb

View Of Humayun’s Tomb | Image Resource :


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