My Journey From Jaipur To Patiala Via Delhi

It was a tough month at work and I was alone contemplating on my hopeless social situation when my mother came up with an idea to take a vacation. It was a grand idea and a well-deserved holiday in the cajoled town of Patiala in Punjab would be nice for a change. The winters in Northern India are always as cold as the summers are hot, and I figured Patiala would be no different. The destination required me to break my journey into two halves, there being no other route available, and I set off with backpack and a journal to chronicle my journey from Jaipur to Patiala via Delhi.


Jaisalmer |  Image Resource :

Jaisalmer Station

Jaisalmer Station |  Image Resource :

I had my booking on the JSM DLI Express , which departed from Jaisalmer. I had reached the station a well hour early and had a few refreshments before I had to board the train. The train left the station at about a quarter past five in the evening, just as the final moments of the sun’s time in the sky left a sea of sepia all around. It was a magnificent sight and I had a few moments of self-realization before evening spread its shadows all around and the views outside the window gave way to darkness. The night was more or less uneventful, with a failed attempt to strike up a conversation with my fellow passengers, who had taken up the seats around me. The train jerked to a stop at Delhi at eleven in the morning and I stepped onto the station in the blinding sunlight.

JSM DLI Express

JSM DLI Express |  Image Resource :

I had enough time to have my lunch at the station café before boarding the train for the second half of the journey. My journey from Jaipur to Patiala via Delhi required me to take the DLI FKA Express from Delhi which would take me to Patiala. The train departed on time at a quarter past two. The afternoon was lazy and I had the side seat to myself watching the land pass by at a great speed. Patiala arrived at seven fifteen in the evening and I headed off to my hotel with anticipations of what was to come.