About Jaipur Literature Festival

Born in Jaipur, a land of festivals and colors, here is an insight into a unique festival that is held every year. I am taking about Jaipur Literature Festival as it is called is a unique platform that exhibits renowned writers and books from India and abroad. Though it began as a simple festival, it has grown in popularity and in the previous years, there have been a huge number of people attending the festival. Apart from writers, it is a venue for socialites, prominent personalities and enthusiasts.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival |  Image Resource : devrajniwas.wordpress.com

The festival is held in the month of January and in 2014, it is scheduled between 17th and 21st January. The colorful fest is hosted at Diggi Palace in Jaipur. Every year, Jaipur welcomes prominent writers, amateurs, Nobel laureates, vernacular writers, Booker Prize winners and so on. It marks five memorable days in Jaipur for all the writers who take us to a different world through their creations.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

Jaipur Literature Festival 2014 | Image Resource : kyazoonga.com

Jaipur Literature Festival 2010

The Marquee-Jaipur Literature Festival 2010 |  Image Resource : mezzemoments.blogspot.in

The festivals host fun-filled and informative activities like debates, readings, discussions and more between the writers. It is a wonderful platform where a lot ideas and themes are exchanged. Efforts are taken to judge the writing styles, themes and so on that can allure fascination of readers. To make the festival interesting, there are live music shows every evening to entertain the guests. Numerous stalls are also put up where guests can purchase books, novels, handicrafts and exclusive items. Interactive workshops are conducted where writes and readers can share ideas and reveal thoughts and dreams. It is unique as well as a free literary festival of the globe.

Busy Group of men and women to publish stall

Busy Group of men and women to publish stall |  Image Resource : raising-the-bar.blogspot.in

Mridula Behari

Award winning author:Mridula Behari |  Image Resource : jaipurliteraturefestival.org

Jaipur Literature Festival 2010

Jaipur Literature Festival 2010 |  Image Resource : anuradhagoyal.blogspot.in

Jaipur Literature Festival 2011

Jaipur Literature Festival 2011 | Image Resource : flickr.com

I am a voracious reader and mostly I love to read about adventures and horror. I keep an update of the latest books. I was fortunate to have visited the and I amd happy that I could narrate about Jaipur Literature festival. It is different world as you can see people with similar interest gather for never ending discussions and topics. The festival is open to all and those wish to visit can register personal particulars on the official website. You can also view the list of speakers, order author books and so on. Being a resident of Jaipur, I welcome one and all to come enjoy the spice of books and literature.