Red Fort Delhi – A Journey Into The Historical Past

After a comfortable journey, we arrived at the Corus hotel and took a nap. All of us woke up around 8:30am and quickly freshened up. We went downstairs to have some breakfast and start our journey to explore the capital city. We had plans to go to Red Fort Delhi. I walked up to the reception to find out about the distance and how long it would take us to get there. The hotel had already arranged a vehicle to take us around the city. We took half an hour to have some sandwiches and a cup of tea.

Red Fort Delhi

Red Fort Delhi | Image Resource :

A car was waiting for our arrival and we were pleased to see a polite driver who greeted us. The first thing he told us was about the traffic in Delhi, so there might be some delay in reaching the place. However, Red Fort is open to the public up to 5:30p m every day. We arrived at Red Fort around 11:00 Am.; we could see a fleet of cars parked in the parking area. There was a huge crowd visiting the place every day. As we proceeded to walk closer to the spectacular structure, I got more curious. Many questions waved through my mind…what a magnificent structure and I was astonished by the masterminds of those days who designed this piece of architecture.

Diwane-E-AAM In Red Fort

Diwane-E-AAM In Red Fort | Image Resource :

Inside Khas Mahal

Inside Khas Mahal | Image Resource :

Inside Red Fort

Inside Red Fort | Image Resource :

Long stretch of red sandstone walls and the gigantic structure reveals the elegant and unique Mughal architecture. It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the entrance. Everyone knows the significance we all watch the ornamented Red Fort on our TV screens on Independence Day every year. The glorious Independence Day parade takes place in this location. The national flag is hosted at the main entrance better known as Lahore Gate. We clicked a few pictures of the historical fort and we did pose in front of the gate as everyone there was busy doing the same too.

Rang Mahal Inside Fort

Rang Mahal Inside Fort | Image Resource :

Pigeons In Front of Red Fort

Pigeons In Front of Red Fort | Image Resource :

Khas Mahal Inside Red Fort

Khas Mahal Inside Red Fort | Image Resource :

Khas Mahal

Khas Mahal | Image Resource :

We entered to see breathtaking sights of the lavish area and it had a number of buildings within. The Pearl Mosque, Drum House, Palace of Color, Hall of Public audiences and the white marble hall marked for private audiences. After a wonderful day, we came out and did a little bit of shopping in the same area, had some cold drinks and decided to stay on to watch the sound and light show which was at 6pm to 7:00pm . We enjoyed it thoroughly as it took us through a journey of the history of Lal Quila or Red Fort.

Lal Quila

Lal Quila | Image Resource :

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