Destination of The Week – Hotel Fairmont Jaipur


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Hotel Fairmont Jaipur – Hello! Welcome to my blog, I am Gopal, a regular person from Jaipur who loves to have fun. Since, I am an Insurance agent people consider me boring which I am not. I am a cheerful and enthusiastic person. I love making friends and trying out new/adventurous things. I love hanging out with my friends and family as it helps in coping with my stressful work schedule. With this blog want to share my ideas and experiences and connect with other likeminded people.


Inspirational Travel Quote Of The Day : Paulo Coelho


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Travel Quotes By Paulo Coelho : I always make sure that I take trip or a vacation once in a while to relieve myself from my work pressures. I have learned that one can travel in a limited budget and adjust but the whole experience is totally worth all the pain. Money plays a role too but travel doesn’t have to be about expensive tastes.

Grand Weekend Spent At The Lavish Jal Mahal Jaipur

Hi friends, I am Gopal Garg, an insurance agent by profession and an avid traveller at heart. Being an insurance agent, I have a lot of work, day and night meeting the targets and fulfilling my company’s requirements. However, whenever I get off from my office, I try to satiate my wander lusts!

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One of my favourite hobbies is to spend a good holiday at some lavish hotels and pamper myself to the fullest. Last week, I had completed my targets before the due date and so I was given 3 day off. So, I made a decision to stay at a majestic hotel in Jaipur and enjoy the royal treatment. After a lot of internet search I chose Jal Mahal Jaipur.

jal-mahal-night-timeLavish Jal Mahal Jaipur | Image Resource :

I made my bookings by online, and was impressed with the user friendly site. After the long journey, I reached Coorg and was happy to see the morning bright and sunny.  I took a cab to reach the hotel and As soon as I entered the hotel, the staff greeted me in a pure Indian style with tika and a garland. I was accompanied with the manager to the deluxe room, as per my booking.

I was amazed by the decoration of the room as it was truly a room fit for royalty! The entire hotel was designed in a combination of modern and classic style. I came to know that it is a heritage hotel which has witnessed the stay of many politicians and celebrities. Well, I was feeling fortunate!

There were all kinds of facilities offered such as Wi-Fi, AC, Hot/Cold water, LED screen, Mini bar, Express check in, restaurant, and many more. After resting for a while, I wanted to pacify my growling stomach so I moved into the restaurant of the hotel.

The Jal Mahal Haveli has a multi-cuisine restaurant offering all kinds of cuisines. As I was in the Rajasthani Haveli, I chose some local dishes. Every dish I ordered had a unique flavour and the ambience too was really awesome. After having a lip smacking lunch, I took a stroll in the hotel premises and found many more amenities such as meeting and conference halls, wedding hall, terrace garden, and lots more exciting areas.

Overall, my three day stay at this royal haveli was simply grand!

Lal Baag Palace Indore- A Blend of Indo -European Architectural Wonder

After having good lunch from a hotel in Indore we planned to visit the Lal Baag Palace. The artifacts and arts displayed in the central museum captivated us. We reached our next destination the Lal Baag Palace. The Palace is situated away from the city; hence we took a cab and reached the palace.

lal-bagh-palaceLal Baag Palace, Indore | Image Resource:

The Palace is open to the visitors between 10 am and 5 pm on all days except Mondays. As we entered into the garden we were spell bound by the beauty of the palace. The palace stands majestically witnessing the history of Madhya Pradesh with its beauty and grandeur. The palace spreads over 28 acres of land well-maintained by the Govt of MP. The garden is decorated marvelously with beautiful flowers, roses, lawns, sculptures and fountains.

lal-bagh-palace-indoreSpectacular View of Lalbagh Palace | Image Resource :

Built between 1886- 1921 Lal Bagh Palace is indeed an architectural marvel. It witnessed several royal receptions and meetings. Even today it showcased the royalty, heritage, culture and life style of the Holkar rulers. This three stored splendor is the most beautiful and spectacular building in Indore. It took 35 years to complete the construction of this massive structure.   It ws built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar and every nook and corner of the palace reflects the richness of that period.

lalbagh-indore-interiorInterior Structure of Lalbaag Palace | Image Resource :

The front marble hall welcomed us with it’s the massive size where displayed several pre-historic artifacts of Muslim period. We were awestruck by the interior designed and carvings. The interiors of the palace showcased a medieval European palaces and Versailles Palaces. It is evident that the Holkar rulers are very much attracted towards the Italian and European style of architecture.

The palace is filled with extravagant decorations such as chandeliers, Persian carpets, stuffed Tigers and Leopards, Paintings and murals from Belgium. We were stunned by the massive gates of the palace which are the replica of Buckingham Palace. These gates were casted and imported from England in the 19th Century.  The kitchen of the palace was constructed on the other side of a river and it was connected with an underground tunnel. The rich decorations and spectacular constructions showcase the extravaganza of Holkar Rulers and how they enjoyed their life.

Chokhi Dhani Resort Indore- Best Place for a Pleasing Stay in Indore

Next day, we woke up and we decided to explore the facilities and amenities of the hotel we stayed in. We were staying in hotel Chokhi Dhani Resort.  The hotel is located in a lush green area and the whole ambience is very beautiful and serene. The hospitality of the hotel was admirable. Once we reached the hotel very warm welcome was waiting for us from the staff.


Front View of Chokhi Dhani | Image Resource :

The hotel is decorated in Rajasthani style and interiors. The well-designed cozy rooms were well-decorated with rich ethic paintings and rural painting. The hotel showcased a rustic architecture to resemble the Rajastahni tradition. Moreover, I could see several decorated pots and the roofs were thatched to give a true feel of Rajasthani ambience.


Rooms Architecture, Chokhi Dhani | Image Resource :

The food served was pure and fresh. The beautiful ambience, services and amenities of Chokhi Dhani Resort Indore crated ripples in our mind. The ethic styled lampshades was magnetizing and we loved to spend our whole day in the hotel. We felt as if we are in a Rajasthani village since several cottages in Rajasthan Décor stood majestically in the hotel. Each and every room is well designed and well furnished for a complete and satisfying stay.


Water Park at Chokhi Dhani, Indore | Image Resource :

Situated at Datodasata on Khandwa Road the visitors can reach the hotel easily. The hotel is well-connected with road. Moreover, the hotel provides pick up and drop services make the hotel more accessible.

In the evening the hotel arranged some cultural activities and Rajasthani dances. They also arrange sightseeing packages for those who want it. But we dint opted for it.  Choki Dhani is located in such a place where all the sightseeing spots are very close and accessible from the hotel.

The airport is just 25 kilometers away from the hotel while the Railway Station is just 16 kilometers. Ganapati madir is 10 kilometers and other interesting places in Indore such as Rajwada, Lal Bagh Palace and Geeta Bhawan are also very near to this hotel.

After a sound sleep in the noon, we decided to explore the nearby places .We went shopping in the evening to get some souvenirs. We had a great day in the hotel and we slept early to wake early in the morning next day.

Delicious Dish of The Week : Bhutte Ka Kees


Bhutte Ka Kees, Indori Dish | Image Resource :

Bhutte Ka Kees : I had an opportunity to taste the delicious Bhutte Ka Kees when I visited Indore for marriage. It is street snack made from maize corn which is grated. Spices like chili and mustard were added along with coriander, onion and much more. I loved it because it is healthier than the usual Pani Puri and Masala Puri that we have on a regular basis.

Central Museum, Indore : A Good Collection of Medieval and Pre-Medieval Period

The visit to the palace gave a good experience, after some refreshments we headed towards our next destination the central museum. The museum is situated very near to the Post Office.  My love for visiting and exploring the historical places made us to choose the destination. Admittedly it is a must see spot in Indore.


View of Central Museum Indore | Image Resource :

We entered the museum and were amazed by its collections. It was neatly maintained and well organized.  The museum is divided into two galleries and these two galleries are sub-divided into several galleries. The first one exhibited collections of artifacts of pre historic period of Madhya Pradesh. While the second gallery holds the mythological carvings of medieval and pre- medieval period.


Entrance of Central Museum, Indore | Image Resource :

It was a great treat for our eyes; Central Museum holds several artifacts which witnessed the rich history and civilization of the country of the pre historic era.  Most of the sculptures in Parmar style from Hinglajgarh were one of the prominent things exhibited there. It attracted us very much. The sculptures showcased the glorious craftsmanship of the period.  It was said that the Parmar style is originated from these sculptures.

We walked through the galleries exploring the sculptures, paintings and artifacts kept there. It has a vast collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures of Guptas and Paramanas period. The artisans and their skill sets amazed us.


Sculptures of Lord Ganesha | Image Resource :

The sculptures of Lord Harihara, Lord Shiva and Parvati seated on Nandi, Goddess Parvati standing on a damaged Chamunda were some of the unique pieces which attracted us. We walked from galleries to galleries it also holds the ruins of artifacts of 11th century. The most attractive artifact among them is the beautifully and artistically carved door frame decorated with ornamentation. I was stunned by seeing its beauty; it was a visual treat for my eyes.

We both enjoyed each and every nook and corners of the museum.  We had a great time spending in the museum. It was time for us to leave the place; we came out of the museum admiring the artisans of medieval and pre medieval period. By then it was time for lunch, we had our lunch from a good hotel. The food of MP was very tasty. We headed towards our next destination the Lal bag Palace.


Coins In Central Museum, Indore | Image Resource :

The Central Museum is divided into two Galleries, Gallery I displays the collections of arts and artifacts from the pre historic Madhya Pradesh, while Gallery II has housed all the mythological carvings. The trip to Central Museum was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. There was a lot of knowledge for the kids and for us to take back from this place. It was overall a wonderful start to our Indore trip.

The next destination we planned to visit was the Lal Baag Palace.