Inspirational Quotes of The Month By Apoorve Dubey


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“Enterpreneurship is defying logic, building dreams and achieving the impossible.”- Apoorve Dubey,  Many say this is not possible or that is not possible. Often we get demoralized by negative thoughts and start disbelieving in our self and in our dreams. But that’s not how the world works and neither can anything be achieved by this approach. So prepare yourself to defy logic and negativity and start achieving the impossible.


Inspirational Travel Quote Of The Day : Paulo Coelho


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Travel Quotes By Paulo Coelho : I always make sure that I take trip or a vacation once in a while to relieve myself from my work pressures. I have learned that one can travel in a limited budget and adjust but the whole experience is totally worth all the pain. Money plays a role too but travel doesn’t have to be about expensive tastes.

Travel Thought of the Day – Samuel Johson

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Samuel Johson stresses on the fact how a traveller moves forward in life in the quest for all his answers rather than just picturing how things will turn out to be. It opens the mind to possibilities of new discoveries and facing reality.

Motivational Quote Of The Week – Swami Sivananda

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Description :- Being in my line of work I am faced with a lot of difficulties but at such time I think of Swami Sivananda had said,”Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” No work is ever big or small, it is only our thoughts and I follow these words to the ‘T’. Wise words to live by.

Travel Thought Of The Day – Scott Cameron

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Description :- In this hectic life, people are often obsessed by their lifestyle. They don’t notice their surroundings and people in it. Travelling helps you to be open minded. When you meet people belonging to different culture or background, you understand the world as it is. You will surely learn to embrace your life.