Lal Baag Palace Indore- A Blend of Indo -European Architectural Wonder

After having good lunch from a hotel in Indore we planned to visit the Lal Baag Palace. The artifacts and arts displayed in the central museum captivated us. We reached our next destination the Lal Baag Palace. The Palace is situated away from the city; hence we took a cab and reached the palace.

lal-bagh-palaceLal Baag Palace, Indore | Image Resource:

The Palace is open to the visitors between 10 am and 5 pm on all days except Mondays. As we entered into the garden we were spell bound by the beauty of the palace. The palace stands majestically witnessing the history of Madhya Pradesh with its beauty and grandeur. The palace spreads over 28 acres of land well-maintained by the Govt of MP. The garden is decorated marvelously with beautiful flowers, roses, lawns, sculptures and fountains.

lal-bagh-palace-indoreSpectacular View of Lalbagh Palace | Image Resource :

Built between 1886- 1921 Lal Bagh Palace is indeed an architectural marvel. It witnessed several royal receptions and meetings. Even today it showcased the royalty, heritage, culture and life style of the Holkar rulers. This three stored splendor is the most beautiful and spectacular building in Indore. It took 35 years to complete the construction of this massive structure.   It ws built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar and every nook and corner of the palace reflects the richness of that period.

lalbagh-indore-interiorInterior Structure of Lalbaag Palace | Image Resource :

The front marble hall welcomed us with it’s the massive size where displayed several pre-historic artifacts of Muslim period. We were awestruck by the interior designed and carvings. The interiors of the palace showcased a medieval European palaces and Versailles Palaces. It is evident that the Holkar rulers are very much attracted towards the Italian and European style of architecture.

The palace is filled with extravagant decorations such as chandeliers, Persian carpets, stuffed Tigers and Leopards, Paintings and murals from Belgium. We were stunned by the massive gates of the palace which are the replica of Buckingham Palace. These gates were casted and imported from England in the 19th Century.  The kitchen of the palace was constructed on the other side of a river and it was connected with an underground tunnel. The rich decorations and spectacular constructions showcase the extravaganza of Holkar Rulers and how they enjoyed their life.


The Illustrious Morabadi Hill or Tagore Hill in Jharkhand

I visited the famed Rock garden in Ranchi which is one of the best tourist attractions of the city. The calm and soothing natural environs of the garden along with its breathtaking waterfalls allure nature lovers from all parts of the world. Hereafter there was still a lot to unfold in the state and I was already running out of time now. So I did not wanted to miss out at least the most popular tourist spots of the state. Hence now I set foot towards the Tagore Hill located in the capital city of the state of Jharkhand.


Tagore Hills | Image Resource :

This wonderful tourist destination is located right at the heart of Ranchi and is well connected to all corners of it via public transport. There are a number of cabs, autos and buses that connects the Tagore hill to the rest of the city. This attraction is located at Morabadi and hence is also called as the Morabadi hill.

The place is of historic significance as when Jyotindranath Tagore purchased it from Harihar Singh who was the landowner in the year 1908 he built a house on it and named it Shantidham. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was the younger brother of Jyotindranath Tagore. Later on Gurudev himself stayed here for a short span of time and composed some of his famous poems in which he has mentioned about the city of Ranchi.

Hence the Tagore Hill is a very popular tourist destination for history lovers and researchers from all across the world who flock towards this site due to its historic as well as cultural significance. The hill is a memorabilia of the culture and history of the city as it narrates the heritage of it.


Tagore Hill Jharkhand | Image Resource :

The hill is about 3 kilometres away from the General Post Office of Ranchi and is roughly 300 feet high. The building at the top of the hillock that was built long back by the elder brother of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore seems to have drawn inspiration from the temples of the medieval age. The Tagore hill is a tribute to the great poet and stands the tests of time keeping the legacy of this inspirational man alive till date.

Experience Nature in All Its Glory at the Rock Garden in Jharkhand

The Jagannath temple that I visited earlier is one of the best archaeological monuments in the country. Depicting the architectural style of the Jagannath temple located in Pune this replica is considered as an equally pious shrine for devout Hindus.  Hereafter it was time for me to spend some time in the arms of Mother Nature at the Rock garden in Jharkhand.  I am a nature lover and hence love to visit places that display the splendour and glory of nature in the form of variety of flora and fauna. The greens always act as my recluse from the busy and hectic life in the grey cities.

Rock Garden Jharkhand

Rock Garden Jharkhand | Image Resource :

Considered as one of the most preferred destination for tourists from all around the globe the Rock garden is located in Ranchi and is easily commutable via public transport from all parts of the city. The garden lies at a distance of merely 4 kilometres from the Albert Akka Chowk which is a prominent landmark of Ranchi. After the famous garden of Jaipur it is recognized as the second most prominent garden in India. This garden is built by carving and chiselling the Gonda Hills.

Visitors can walk on a jhula that is made up of iron and is located in this garden. The serenity and scenic beauty of this place is a driving factor for nature lovers. There are a variety of sculptures and beautiful waterfalls that appeal to the senses of tourists who come to visit this garden. You can find nature at its best at the Rock garden of Ranchi.

One can also enjoy the gentle touch of nature at the lake of Kanke Dam that is located in the vicinity of this renowned attraction. The garden’s location acts as an incentive for travellers visiting the city. It is centrally located in Ranchi and is in close proximity to several other places of tourist interest in the city. Hence tourists frequenting the Rock garden can also stop by at other such attractions.

I had a very nice time at this site. My mind and body were rejuvenated by the beauty and grandeur of nature. The calmness of this place makes one forget all the worries of his daily life.

Destination Of The Week : Open Air Theatre Pune

Open Air Theatre Pune

Open Air Theatre Pune | Image Resource :

Some sectors of the city do have these facilities and it’s becoming the talk of the town. Everybody wants to watch their favorite heroes star in huge screens under the cloudless starry sky with the Arabian sea breeze disturbing the air. Good entertainment for the busy city dwellers.

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Destination Of The Week : Catholic Church in Madurai

Catholic Church in Madurai

Catholic Church in Madurai | Image Resource :

This beautifully crafted church is open from 7am to 7pm every day, all throughout the week. This structure is one of the oldest churches in the city and attracts tourists from all over the world including Europeans. The positive atmosphere will surely help you find peace in prayers!

Destination Of The Week : The American College Madurai

The American College Madurai

The American College Madurai | Image resource :

It is said that this architectural magnificence is one of the old colleges to be present in India. It was first founded in 1881 and even visited by the wonderful Rabindranath Tagore who gave many lectures here during his time. The history runs deep through the walls of this Saracenic style building!