Simple Methods To Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurace Cost

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I am an insurance agent and believe that I must share the wee bit of knowledge I have to make life simple for everyone I know. Many people have problem managing their insurance costs. I am about to share a few simple tips and suggestions to reduce the insurance costs. Hope this article is helpful to you.

  • Choose the Right Insurance
    There are several insurance providers in the city. A thorough research will help you find out which insurance policy is best for you and how you would benefit from it. A proper research will help you end up with the most beneficial insurance policy.


  • Purchase Home Insurance and Auto Insurance from the same Insurer
    Insurance companies reduce 5-15% of your premium if you buy two or more insurance policies from the same company. If it is beneficial for you to purchase two or more policies from the same agent, go for it. Save money wherever possible.


  • Improve Home Security
    Improving home security can also help you get discounts. You are most likely to get discounts for smoke detectors, advanced locks and other security devices. Avail of these discounts by investing in your house’s security.


  • Be Loyal To Your Insurer
    You may avail of special benefits if you stick to the same insurer for years together. These discounts or particular offers can help you reduce on the insurance costs. Make sure that you are having the benefit of staying loyal to the insurer. You can do this by comparing the insurance charges.


  • Raise your Deductible
    You may have to pay a certain amount of money towards a loss before the insurance company covers the claim. This is mentioned clearly in the terms and conditions of your policy. The greater the amount in deductibles, the more money you will save on premiums.

These are some of the easy techniques to save on your insurance costs. You must continually keep track of your assets. This will give you an idea how much of your assets are covered by the insurance. It will help you stay insured for most of your assets.


Destination Of The Week : National Stock Exchange Of India

National Stock Exchange Of India

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National Stock Exchange Of India – The national stock exchange building appears to be so calm from the outside but this is truly where all the activity is going on. The traders are continuously trading and people are making money. I enjoyed visiting the building as I knew I was viewing one of the busiest buildings in Mumbai where maximum trade went on.

Various Types of Life Insurance Policies

Hi All! Hope you all are healthy. For me, it has been a good start to the New Year, with all things falling in place. But as they say, life is uncertain and nobody does know what is in store for us.

Life Insurance Policy

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I believe in being ‘better safe, than sorry’. Not because I belong to a field of profession that involves persuading people to buy various insurance covers. Nevertheless, as a normal person too I feel, the saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is true.

Moreover, better way is to treat yourself and your loved ones to the benefits of a life insurance cover. Some of the most common types of life insurance policies are discussed as under-

1. Whole Life Policy

Apart from being one of the basic life insurance covers, Whole Life Policy is the one, which is preferred by most individuals. The policy remains active throughout lifetime of the insured, and he/she continue to pay premium until their death.

2. Limited payment life policy

It is one wherein the insured can choose the number of years he/she want to continue to pay premium. Unlike whole life policy, this one lets the insured decide period until when he wishes to make payment towards the premium of the insurance cover.

3. Endowment policy

Endowment life insurance policy runs for a limited period of years or up to a particular age. The premium is to be paid up to the maturity of the policy. This type of cover is rising in popularity.

4. Double endowment policy

Suited for physically challenged people, double endowment policy is one wherein insurer agrees to pay the assured, double the amount of the insured sum – if he/she live beyond the date of policy’s maturity.

5. Joint life policy

As it sounds, this policy covers the risks of two lives. It is generally opted by business partners. For couples, this policy is issued only under special circumstances.

These are just some of the most common life insurance policies. There are still many more, which I hope to discuss about sometime later. Take care folks!

A Few Useful Tips for Choosing Right Insurance Company

I am a fun-loving person and love spending time traveling with my friends. My work is also my passion. In this blog, I would like to guide you through to purchase a suitable insurance policy. Having a few years of experience in the area, I thought I could share my experience, which may help at least a few people who have confusion about life insurance policies.

Life Insurance

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It is necessary for all people as well as companies and institutions to have an insurance cover. It is the major financial support that one could have after sudden death of an insured person or in the case or any unforeseen circumstances. There are number of insurance companies that offer optimum and beneficial coverage, but it is important for a person to have a clear idea of the companies that would match his/her requirement.

The first step is doing a thorough research about various companies and check out the policies available. Keep in mind your requirements and try to sort out the policies that impress you. Once the information is gathered, then you can go ahead to make a comparison. After narrowing your search, then check out the company ratings. However, it is not always the right choice, while choosing a highly rated company.

Insurance Types

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Check out the giant insurance companies versus small companies and the benefits that suit your needs. Sometimes, smaller or less popular companies may have better offers than the reputed ones. Do your bit of calculations and make the right choice. Companies, which have been in business for a long time, can deal with all the complex situations in a finer way and of all experience works out to be better. But there is no harm in checking the newer companies, which also actively compete by offering customer-friendly policies.

Technological advancement is an advantage where one can sit in the comfort of home and check out information. You can check for customer reviews and complaints of the insurance companies on relevant websites. This gives a perfect picture of the products and services and help in making a right decision. Well, last but not the least; you can seek assistance from any experienced insurance agent and find the right policy.