Escape From The Scorching Heat : Things to Do in Shimla This Summer!

What’s up guys! This is your blogger, Gopal Garg. Travel bug bit me real hard and I was bent on enjoying some cool holidays in the mountains. Therefore, recently I made plans about visiting Shimla along with my friends. Fortunately, most of my friends are in Jaipur, which is my home town. Being an insurance agent by profession, I have developed the ability to convince people about the plans I produce before them. With the same skills, I convinced three of my friends about the Shimla trip in the coming summer days!


Beautiful Aerial View of Shimla City | Image Resource:

Ready for Shimla

Since Jaipur gets too hot during the scorching summer days, Shimla was an obvious choice for me. No wonder it is known as the Summer Capital of India! Moreover, there are plenty of things to do in Shimla, and the average temperature of this city hardly exceeds 20 degree C even during the summer days. Since it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, therefore reaching there will not be an issue for us.


Interesting things to do in Shimla | Image Resource:

Like I mentioned above, one can check out a lot of attractions in Shimla, and I am definitely looking forward for some overnight camping experience. What I figured out through an hour of research is that couple camping is a must thing to do for the newlyweds. Since I am not married yet, so, overnight camping is what that grabbed my attention. But, if you want to experience luxury in the woods then luxury camping in Mashobra will be an apt option to consider I think.


View of Luxury Camping in Mashobra | Image Resource:

I hope camping would turn out to be a good experience for my friends too. I believe outdoor sports would allow the adventure junkie inside me to come out and breathe some fresh air of Shimla. From whatever I came across in the web world, it seems pretty sure that Shimla is going to be one of my best trips.


Beautiful View of Horse Riding At Kufri | Image Resource:

Well, the reason behind are the plenty of adventurous and outdoor sports activities available, such as- the bamboo bridge, dashing cars, horse riding, sky winger, etc. Most of them are available at Kufri, which is just 17 kms far from Shimla. Apart from them, rappelling is also among the major activities to do in Shimla.

At Dhali, you can participate in this activity, which usually comprise of little less than an hour I think. With so much excitement in mind and heart, I and my friends are all prepared to explore Shimla this year.


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