Rajwada Palace Indore- Exploring the Structural Grandeur

We reached our hotel room and planned our itinerary. Though I hail from a city which is filled with palaces and monuments, I was always attracted towards the royal heritage. Hence we decided to start our itinerary visiting the Rajwada Palace Indore.


View of Rajwada Palace Indore | Image Resource : harshit10c.blogspot.com

Next day we started our day blissfully and started off to the Palace. We reached the palace, witnessing the rich heritage and culture of Indore the palace stood majestically with all its beauty and grandeur. I was amazed by its beautiful craftsmanship.

This massive architectural splendor was constructed by the Holkars of the Maratha Empire. The history of this palace dates backs to two centuries.  This 7 storied palace has basically two parts, one in the heart of the city and another in the old location of the town. We entered through the beautifully crafted entrance with a grand lofty archway. The whole archway is covered with iron studs.


Rajwada Palace Entrance | Image Resource : mptravelogue.com

The lower part of the Place is constructed with stones while the upper part of the palace is constructed with wood. The whole palace showcased a blend of Mugal and Maratha architecture. We walked through the palace and the whole palace was decorated with Mugal ornamentation, well-carved doors and windows, and corridors. More over it was surrounded with galleried rooms.


Inner View of Rajwada Palace | Image Resource : antypasti.com

The palace is rectangular in shape and has bastions of cylindrical shapes. It was built in 1766 while the southern part was damaged by fire accident and was rebuilt in 1811. Today the whole palace is converted into the got archeological museums. The palace houses the official palace of the archeological department. The whole palace is converted into galleries and several artifacts were kept for exhibition.

The aw-inspiring ambience of the palace fascinated me. We spend several hours there exploring the craftsmanship and the architectural beauty of the building. It showcased the expertise and craftsmanship of the Muslim artisans of Mandu. The king brought them for the construction of the palace. They were refugees of Malwa, worked in and around Indore for their living and constructed several structures for Holkars. It was time for us to move to our next destination the central museum.


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