Parasnath Hills – The Ultimate Trekking Destination in Jharkhand

I had a fantastic time in the beautiful and culturally rich state of Jharkhand. The natural sites as well as the historic monuments in the state were exotic and very alluring. The state is a perfect blend of bounties of nature and traditional art and culture that is still alive in the lifestyle of the inhabitants.


Parasnath Hills | Image Resource :

The Rock Gardens, Dassam hills, the Jawaharlal Nehru biological park, the Jubilee Park and whichever other sites I visited in Jharkhand were some of the best tourist attractions in the country. Now it was time for me to pack my bags and return home. But I really wanted to visit one last attraction in the state. So I completed my packing and set foot towards the Parasnath Hills in Jharkhand.


View of Parasnath Hills | Image Resource :

This destination is renowned for its scenic beauty. Argonauts from all parts of the world visit this site to indulge in active tourism activities such as trekking and camping. The Parasnath hills are range of hills that are located in the Gridih district of Jharkhand. The highest peak in this range is of the height of 1350 meters.


Aerial View of Shikharji Temple | Image Resource :

It is also a very prominent and revered place of pilgrimage for devout Jains. The Jain community calls the Parasnath hills as the Sammet Sikhar. This hill draws its name from the 23 rd Tirthankara Parasnath. It is believed that out of 24 Jain Tirthankaras 20 found salvation on this hill.

There is a shrine devoted to each Jain Tirthankara who attained salvation on the Parasnath Hills. These shrines are located right on the summit of these hills and are commonly known as the Tuks or gumtis. The temples built on these hill ranges are supposed to have great historic significance as they are said to be as old as 2000 years. The Santhal tribes who dwell in the vicinity of Parasnath hills also call it the Marang Buru which means the hill of deity.

The most spectacular event to be witnessed at this place is the hunting festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in mid April on a full moon day. The weather remains quite pleasant here during October to march hence it is the best time to visit this attraction in Jharkhand.


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