Saraikela Palace – The Royal Monument in Jharkhand

I had a really awesome experience at the Dassam waterfalls in Ranchi. The purity and originality of this natural cascade draws tourists from all corners of the globe. The environment around the waterfall is full of lush greens and a variety of beautiful birds. Such places offer refuge from the hectic urban routine.


Saraikela Palace | Image Resource :

Here after it was time for me to peep back and time and explore more about the history of the state. So the next destination that I visited was the Saraikela Palace that is located in the Saraikela district of Jharkhand. The district in itself comprises of a number of tourist attractions owing to its rich cultural and historic background.


Saraikela Palace Landscape | Image Resource :

The Saraikela palace is a famous tourist attraction and serves as the landmark for this town. This ancient archaeological wonder dates back to 300 years in the history. Hence vacationers visiting Saraikela must visit this palace to witness the spectacular architecture of this monument. This archaeological treasure of Saraikela depicts excellent and exquisite architectural style which pays much attention even on fine details.

There is also an ancient temple named as the Mau Paudi temple located in the vicinity of the Palace. The place is ancient and has stood the tests of time for around 3 centuries. It is a great historical gem that adorns the state of Jharkhand. Art and history lovers as well as researchers interested in knowing about the glorious history of Jharkhand must visit the Saraikela Palace.

Apart of this heritage palace there are also a couple of tourist attractions such as the Kali Sthan, Palna Dam, Subarnarekha Dam, Sri Ram Baba Ashram, Shahid Sthal, Karakatta Dam and the Akarshani Mela that one can visit if he plans a trip to the Saraikela town in Jharkhand.

I clicked a couple of photos of the majestic structure so as to capture the memories of the time spent at the Saraikela palace. The palace is very famous in the city and hence is easily commutable via public transport. A number of autos, cabs as well as bus services connect this place of tourist interest to the rest of the city


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