Experience Nature in All Its Glory at the Rock Garden in Jharkhand

The Jagannath temple that I visited earlier is one of the best archaeological monuments in the country. Depicting the architectural style of the Jagannath temple located in Pune this replica is considered as an equally pious shrine for devout Hindus.  Hereafter it was time for me to spend some time in the arms of Mother Nature at the Rock garden in Jharkhand.  I am a nature lover and hence love to visit places that display the splendour and glory of nature in the form of variety of flora and fauna. The greens always act as my recluse from the busy and hectic life in the grey cities.

Rock Garden Jharkhand

Rock Garden Jharkhand | Image Resource : places-to-visit-in-jharkhand.blogspot.in

Considered as one of the most preferred destination for tourists from all around the globe the Rock garden is located in Ranchi and is easily commutable via public transport from all parts of the city. The garden lies at a distance of merely 4 kilometres from the Albert Akka Chowk which is a prominent landmark of Ranchi. After the famous garden of Jaipur it is recognized as the second most prominent garden in India. This garden is built by carving and chiselling the Gonda Hills.

Visitors can walk on a jhula that is made up of iron and is located in this garden. The serenity and scenic beauty of this place is a driving factor for nature lovers. There are a variety of sculptures and beautiful waterfalls that appeal to the senses of tourists who come to visit this garden. You can find nature at its best at the Rock garden of Ranchi.

One can also enjoy the gentle touch of nature at the lake of Kanke Dam that is located in the vicinity of this renowned attraction. The garden’s location acts as an incentive for travellers visiting the city. It is centrally located in Ranchi and is in close proximity to several other places of tourist interest in the city. Hence tourists frequenting the Rock garden can also stop by at other such attractions.

I had a very nice time at this site. My mind and body were rejuvenated by the beauty and grandeur of nature. The calmness of this place makes one forget all the worries of his daily life.


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