The Thrill Of Paragliding At Kamshet!

Kamshet is a beautiful hill station located in Maharashtra. Located 2200 feet above sea level, Kamshet is famous for its natural beauty. The beautiful green cover, undulating hilly terrains, and placid lakes pull tourists to Kamshet regularly. However, another thing that tourists come here for is paragliding.

Paragliding at Kamshet

Paragliding At Kamshet | Imagge Resource :

It has come to be tagged as the ‘paragliders’ paradise’ in the recent years, becoming the hub of attraction for those who love the adrenalin rush. The natural beauty combined with the excitement of paragliding took me to Kamshet.

Kamshet has become Mecca for those who want to experience the thrill of paragliding. The paragliding facilities offered here are world-class. Flying over the Pawna Lake and viewing the beautiful countryside while paragliding provided me with an experience that I will carry with myself forever.

Kamshet - A Famous Spot for Paragliding

Kamshet – A Famous Spot for Paragliding | Image Resource :

Given that not all tourists have an experience of flying, the amateur paragliders can opt for a tandem flight with an instructor. This ensures that you experience the same amount of thrill, but the risk gets reduced. This is the method I chose because it was the first time that I was trying out my hand at paragliding.

Flying at Tower Hill Kamshet

Flying at Tower Hill Kamshet | Image Resource :

Even in terms of topography, Kamshet is one of the best destinations for learning to fly. The Sahyadri Range provides for spots from which taking off is easy. The hills are not too high, and there is ample landing space, which is critical for beginners like me. The safe topography is one of the main reasons that I chose Kamshet for my first paragliding experience.

Acrobatic Paragliding at Kamshet Pune

Acrobatic Paragliding at Kamshet Pune | Image Resource :

Eight months of predictable weather conditions make Kamshet one of the most sought after paragliding destinations in India. The predictable weather found here has put it on the paragliding world map. There are different courses in flying which last from three to four days long. I, eventually, took a five-day course, and I’m proud of holding a flying license. Everyone should give paragliding a try because it’s an out of the world experience. You get to fly and look at the breathtaking view of the world where you stay. Doing it at Kamshet gives you a chance to admire the little hill station while also experiencing the thrill. The professionals ensure safety during your flying endeavour.


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