Aqua Fun At Krushnai Water Park; For All The Fun & Frolic

Krushnai Water Park, in Maharashtra, is located near the Sinhagad Fort. The water park is situated amidst hills and is very close to Khadakwasala Dam. It is a perfect destination for a family weekend filled with fun. Families and friends come here to enjoy the water rides that are thrilling. I visited the water park with friends to enjoy the aqua fun. The best part about the water park is that everything is very reasonable. From the entry at three hundred rupees to affordable food, Krushnai Water Park offers fun at affordable prices.

Krushnai Water Park

Krushnai Water Park | Image Resource :

The rides offered here are new and thrilling. The best part is that rides are available for all ages. There is Magic Sway and Black Hole that gave me crazy sensations. I could not stop myself from screaming with excitement. Twister and Turnpikes are two rides that daring people should try. You get a chance to get the full Aqua experience. The water rides ensure that you experience exuberance.

Wave Pool at Krushnai Water Park

Wave Pool at Krushnai Water Park | Image Resource :

Krushnai Water Park has an area reserved just for children. The young children are treated to a pirate themed island filled with short and long water slides. It is a completely safe area where both children and their parents can play and dance. My friends and I relived our childhood in this area.

However, what Krushnai Water Park is known for is the ‘wave pool’. We got the full sea experience the moment we stepped into the wave pool. The DJ kept the dancing mood up with fresh tracks. We also enjoyed the rain dance which added to the fun vibes of the water park.

Krushnai Water Park Pune

Krushnai Water Park Pune | Image Resource :

The Snacks Counter at the Krushnai Water Park serves many cuisines. The visitors can choose from a variety of Indian and Chinese dishes and snacks. The finger foods and beverages help to keep the energy level alive so that the visitors can enjoy the dance and fun for as long as possible. One can order for a ‘thali’ too if you need a proper meal. We ordered Samosa and Neembu Paani that seemed like the most refreshing items after 2 hours of full energy water rides.

Overall, offers fun at affordable prices and takes very good care of safety as well. One can go here with family and friends to have a day filled with aqua fun. The area reserved for children ensures safety. The snacks counter takes care of hungry stomachs. Visting Krushnai Water Park was a memorable experience.


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