Tribute To The Troops; With all Heart and Soul!

In my pursuit of all the historical places in Pune, my next scheduled place was Kirkee War Cemetery.

Kirkee War Cemetery

Kirkee War Cemetery | Image Resource :

We took a cab from the hotel to Kirkee War Cemetery. I am not a big fan of cabs, but we had no other choice and I tried to remain calm while travelling. It was a lovely weather outside and not very hot as it is in the North during these months. It was not a very long ride either. But thanks to my new friend, the journey was just fine.

My companion who also has a thing about historical places, told me about Kirkee War Memorial, which stands between the cemetery and commemorates more than 1800 army men who died in India during the First World War. On one hand, this place gave me goosebumps as it sounds a little scary, but on the other hand it tells us a lot about Indian history, and their efforts that helped me win Independence. There is a sense of pride when I think of such bravery that Indian men have shown to protect their land.

Stone of Remembrance at Kirkee War Cemetery

Stone of Resmembrance at Kirkee War Cemetery | Image Resource :

When you enter the cemetery, you can see neatly lined gravestones made of white Limestone facing the main stone of remembrance. This stone of remembrance is dedicated to all those soldiers who died during the Second World War, who did not receive a proper burial or whose graves could not receive proper maintenance. There were about 639 of them. Their names have been engraved on the stones behind the cross.

Kirkee War Cemetery Pune

Kirkee War Cemetery Pune | Image Resource :

After having a patriotic visit to the Kirkee War Cemetery, it was time to say goodbye to my friend. I thanked him for the time he spared to visit an excruciating place. It was a great learning experience for me. Although, I am just a guy who sells insurance to people; I think that visiting these historical places completes a void that is present deep within my heart.

It was time for me to get back to the hotel and gear up for a new day. I was eagerly looking forward to visiting a new place tomorrow.


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