Vaigai River Madurai: Heart Of The City’s Agricultural Activity!

There is always a feeling inside me, water heals everything. The beauty of water be it in a still water lake or the flowing water in river or the waves at the ocean make my mind calm. This is the reason that I wanted to include the Vaigai River in our already packed historic trip to Madurai. It was actually the other way round when I heard people saying that had been contaminated by industrial wastes.

Vaigai River

Vaigai River | Image Resource :

Like any other environmentalist, I too was a bit worried at first. When we witnessed the beauty of the river, I really wanted to thank those social activists who had taken a lot of measures to clean this river. I was interested in visiting the river’s basin where the agricultural activities took place. The twist and turn of the river was exciting to watch.

I was constantly googling the details of the river! It was good to know that the river flows for 250 kilometers and comes from the Varushanad Hills from the western part Tamil Nadu. If I get a chance to visit Madurai again, I wish to go up to the hills and find out how naturally it starts from its origin!

Varusanadu Hills

Varusanadu Hills | Image Resource :

Now wonder the glory of Pandiya Nadu was due to the fact that this river flows through this city. May be we might have skipped this place in our tight schedule. But I was very particular to visit. I frankly did not listen to what some people told about this place and I was simply prepared to follow my instincts. And this is how I landed at this most beautiful river.

One cannot reach Madurai without crossing the bridge that flies over this river. I just asked my driver to park in a nearby area, walking down on the sideways and tried to reach the Vaigai River Madurai. People said it was a little steep there. Anyway I managed to climb down and was actually amazed that it was a picture-perfect place and took as many pictures of the river! May be next time I might even try stepping into the water and take a dip in it!




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