Get To Know The Fun And Frolic Side of the Town At Athisayam Madurai!

It was a fun-filled experience when I went to Madurai with my friends. I love history and anything related to that subject. But that does not mean I strictly adhere to only historical visits during my trip. This year, it was a good vacation and I happened to learn a lot about the Madurai city. After we explored enough, we thought of spending some ravishing times.

Madurai city

Madurai city | Image Resource :

The very thought of thrill and excitement took us to the Athisayam Theme Park in Madurai. A notable place on the Kodaikanal and Madurai highway and people cannot miss entering this park during their travel. The number of rides were aplenty and most importantly, the water rides! It triggered the inner child in us.

Athisayam Madurai

Athisayam Madurai | Image Resource : Tripadvisor

It was summer when I went to Madurai and luckily, the day was not harsh on us. The sun hid behind the clouds, making it a clear day for us to enjoy in the open at Athisayam. Once we reached the theme park, there was a serpentine queue awaiting to get the tickets.

We were traveling as a group of 10 friends and all of us were equally excited to get onto each and every ride. Hari was the one who always stood in queue wherever we go! And this time again, it was his turn. All he had was to stare at us and whatever he did, we dared not to see him and waited for him with patience.

Though at first he was little frustrated, as soon as we entered the park we totally forgot what happened back there in the entrance! Definitely, I thought one day is not going to be enough! Just as we entered there was a huge water shower. It was fun to splash water at each other and all 10 of us loved that experience.

The madness in me did not fade out even after riding so many rides like 40 land rides and 20 water rides. We tried all the water games, sliding from the huge twist and turn slides in the swimming pool. End of the day nothing mattered, but just the fun and frolic prevailed.


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