Hotel Park Plaza Madurai: Journey To Recollect The Glorious Indian History!

It was good to plan a vacation beforehand and especially the staying part! Need not have to go scouting for hotels after landing in the new place and for me I want to spend most of the vacation getting to know the places around rather staying in the hotel. And this is why budget stays are my preference. It was useful to have the best hotel app, before even arriving at the place, I was able to book hotels and this is what I did for my recent trip to Madurai.

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Surely after coming down from Northern side to the deep Southern town catching three flights, I really needed a break to start exploring the charm of this enticing Madurai town. Should say that the Hotel Park Plaza was the exact kind of hotel I was looking at. The rooms looked exactly the way it was showed in the internet and fortunately I was not disappointed.
Niceties at its Best in Hotel Park Plaza Madurai!

Everything in life has a reason behind it and every action proposes to a certain incident that might happen in your future. Set amidst the “Temple City” commutation to the temples were easier. This saved a lot of my travel time and also the famous Meenakshi Amman temple was just few minutes’ walk away from this place.

 The view of the gigantic temple tower and the gleaming city side were quite some astounding views from my room. I stayed connected to my friends and family as they was free Wi-Fi connectivity in this room. For a hotel with nominal pricing, I felt the services and amenities were fairly amazing!

It was not only the traditional culture of the city that mesmerized me, but the customary hospitality of the hotel truly made me feel like visiting this pace over and over! I was overwhelmed to see the menu card filled with North to South Indian dishes.
I traveled from Jaipur all the way to taste the most delicious Madurai parotta and I should mention; it just tasted out of the world! Even in the busy market street, I never heard any disturbance in my room and that’s why my vacation was very pleasant!


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