Photo Fanatic Be Ready To Take The Best Snaps At Vaigai Dam Madurai!

After a couple of weeks coping with the stressfulness of my work, I really wanted a break! I booked my flight tickets to Madurai with my friends. Jaipur to Madurai, Why? Well, the answer is simple. For a person like me who love to explore the historical places in the nuke and corner of India, Madurai, with its most beautiful temples would truly give me the pleasure I am seeking.
The day went well, we spent most of the time sightseeing each and every temple around the city. There is no doubt this city was in the regime of great kings. The temples architecture stands as a foolproof to that. I even had doubt how beautifully those were constructed without the intervention of technology during those days.

Vaigai Dam Madurai

Vaigai Dam Madurai | Image Resource :

It was Sharath’s idea to go to the Vaigam Dam nearby the Madurai. My South Indian friend who settled in North. He somehow liked the idea of visiting dams and was all the time hyping about this dam here in Madurai. It was an hour’s drive from where we stayed. Vaigai Dam Madurai was at 70kms from the main city and was in fact close to the Dindigul railway station.

Dindigul railway station

Dindigul railway station | Image Resource :

Superb! When I went there, I saw such a big dam and luckily, when we arrived it was opened. The water gushing from the gates was worth seeing and I would have missed the chance to witness this marvel if not for my friend.

Sounds of kids thrilled us and as we crossed the bridge that was connecting the either side of the dam, we were amazed to see such a large children’s play area. We spent some time on the bridge looking at the water on the one side and the water gushing out on the other. Okay, so I got an exact location to take enough pictures.

Vaigai Dam in Madurai

Vaigai Dam in Madurai | Image Resource :

We spent the whole day and saw the beauty of the dam both in daylight and in twilight! When the sun started to settle down, the securities whistled and it was a call to lead us all to the entrance.

It was a day well spent with my new Nikon!


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