Nehru Zoological Park: An Escape into the Sylvan Settings

As my days of stay in the city of Hyderabad came to an end the last destination that I visited after the holy place of worship Mecca Masjid, was the Nehru Zoological Park. This park is fleeing to the wilderness and is neighboring the historically significant miralam Tank bund. This zoological park was established on the 6th of October, 1963.

Entrance of Nehru Zoological Park

Entrance of Nehru Zoological Park | Image Resources :

The zoo is spread over a vast area of more than 380 acres of land. This is the foremost zoo in India that comprises of animals arranged in zoological order and are kept in open enclosures. The concept of preserving animals in open enclosures in natural ambiance has been adopted to make the animals feel “at home”. This method of keeping animals have proven to be very helpful in their proper breeding as well as to study and research on the behavior of animals dwelling in the natural settings.

Visitors Watching A White Tiger at Nehru Zoological Park

Visitors Watching A White Tiger at Nehru Zoological Park | Image Resource :

Due to this free ambiance given to animals in the Nehru zoo, it has succeeded in breeding a variety of indigenous species of mammals. These include panthers, Asiatic lions, and yellow and white royal Bengal tigers, gaur, Indian rhino, a number of primates, antelopes, deer, bears, birds and reptiles as well. This zoological park is also a breeding ground for many exotic varieties of animals such as the giraffes, chimpanzee and iguanas.

The timings of visiting the zoo differ according to the time of the year. From April to June the zoo is open to visitors from 0800 hours in the morning to 1730 hours in the evening. From July to March the zoo timings are from 0830 hours to 1700 hours. The visitors are given admittance to the park on payment of the entry fee.

Sleepy Lion at Nehru Zoological Park

Sleepy Lion at Nehru Zoological Park | Image Resource :

The fares are very minimal. For children below 12 years the ticket costs as low as Rs 10. For adults the fare is Rs 20 per head. If tourists wish to drive their cars or jeep inside the park they have to pay a fare of Rs 1000. Many films are also shot in the zoo.

The entry charge for trucks for film shooting is Rs 1500. One can also carry his professional or amateur camera along with him on a payment of some extra charges. Encashing this opportunity I was contented by clicking a lot of pictures of the animals dwelling in the park.


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