Hotel Rahul International: Value for Money

As I reached the Secunderabad railway station at Hyderabad, I took a cab to the hotel Rahul International that I had booked for my stay. I had already compared all the available options and there after finalized this hotel for lodging. It was very convenient and time saving to book my room in the Hotel Rahul International via the hotel reservation app of this hotel.

Reception Desk At Hotel Rahul International Hyderabad

Reception Desk At Hotel Rahul International Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Using the hotel reservation app I could easily check the services offered and the availability of rooms before making my reservations. I found it quite helpful and easy going to plan my stay in Hyderabad.

This hotel is located at 1-7317, 318 at Parklane in Secunderabad. This place is very easily accessible from the railway station and the cab dropped me directly to my destination without any inconvenience. As I prefer budget hotels and budget travel I was quite satisfied with the price structure of this hotel. The management and staff are very efficient and courteous. As I entered the hotel I was greeted by the staff and an attendant guided me to my room.

Hotel Rahul International Hyderabad

Hotel Rahul International Hyderabad | Image Resource :


The hotel comprises of three stories and there are rooms for accommodating guests on each floor. As I entered the room I checked for the facilities provided. As the hotel is a budget hotel I was not expecting too much out of it. The services offered are average and the room that I was staying in was also decent. But the staff is very helpful and always at your service, which overshadows the other shortcomings of this hotel.

There is no restaurant in the hotel Rahul International but they do offer room service. The Paradise restaurant is located at a very short distance from the hotel and hence one can expect decent food which the staff can also bring to the rooms on order. Over all I would not grade the hotel as an excellent one but given the price I was satisfied with the services offered and the facilities provided. The best feature of this hotel is the locality it is situated in. the vicinity is very calm and peaceful and one can expect a comfortable stay at the hotel Rahul international given the budget constraints.


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