Important Features of a Mediclaim Policies

The usage of mediclaim policies has increased over the past few decades. Earlier, people used to buy them for just tax saving. However, with the growing number of medical conditions and recent economy plunge; more and more people are considering mediclaims to be a better option for covering their losses.

Here are some of the most important mediclaim features :-

– Reimbursement or Cashless Hospitalization :

Operation Theater cost, cost for oxygen, any diagnostic commodity needed for treatment, charges for doctors & nurses, X-ray cost, cost for blood, radiotherapy cost, cost for organ transplant, medicines bills, chemotherapy cost, pacemaker cost or blood donation etc are all included within the hospital charges. Majority of the mediclaim policies even cover hospitalization up to 30 days.

– When hospitalization not necessary :

Most of the mediclaim specifies that the patient need to be hospitalized. But this clause is not applicable for cataract. To reap the benefit of a mediclaim one need to be hospitalized at least for a day. However, treatment for Cataract doesn’t involve hospitalization. Hence, for Cataract you can get your claim even without hospitalization.

Mediclaim Policies

Mediclaim Policies | Image Resource :

– Premium payment of mediclaim policy increase every year :

A 20 year old has to pay more premium than a 50 year old. Since, the rate of premium rises according to the age.

– Mediclaim reimbursement cannot be used for earning income :

The objective of mediclaim is to cover your losses. All the charges are reimbursed only after the submission of original bills or the payment is made direct to the hospital. This prevents the Policy holder from making income from his/her claims.

– Treatments that are not covered by mediclaims :

These are some of the treatments that are not included by mediclaim policies :

– Often treatments for diseases such as hernia, piles, cataract, gallstone etc are not covered during first year of any mediclaim policy
– Disease that existed before you took the policy will not be covered
– HIV/AIDS and any other Sexually transmitted diseases
– Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery
– Treatments related Obesity
– Vaccination and Inoculation
– Dental treatment
– Childbirth and Pregnancy

I hope this blog would be helpful to the readers. Please feel free to give suggestions or ask queries on the particular topic.


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