Hotel New Deepak Mumbai – A Pleasant Accommodation

Our long train journey ended on the second day in the morning. Unlike Jaipur, which remained very calm at that time, Mumbai has already gained its pace and people were running to catch their trains and reach their respective destination. The station was packed with people and it was hard to move ahead. We somehow managed to come out of the station after much bumping and pushing, and looked for a local transport means to reach our pre-booked hotel – Hotel New Deepak Mumbai

Hotel New Deepak Mumbai

Hotel New Deepak Mumbai | Image Resource :

We hired an auto-rickshaw and reached the hotel in 20 minutes, though the place was at only 2.5 kilometers from the station, owing to the heavy traffic.

The hotel was a simple and elegant place to stay. It was a value-for-money accommodation. We confirmed our room bookings at the reception, and after the necessary entries, we were ushered to our rooms. The hotel was decently furnished and on entering our room, we were pleased to see the comfortable décor that was well-equipped with all the required amenities. We settled ourselves in the rooms going to be our home for the next seven days. We all were missing our morning tea, so we ordered for it from the telephones that were made available in the room.


Room | Image Resource :

Meanwhile, we refreshed ourselves and switched on the television. The service was quick and soon we were served with nice aromatic tea with some snacks. The beverage was very rejuvenating and we acknowledged Sanjay, who chose and booked our rooms in this Hotel New Deepak Mumbai. There was a whole day in front of us and we were eager to visit the various sites of this amazing city. So we searched for the places that we could visit on internet and also talked to the travel desk of the hotel to guide us about the famous and must-visit places of Mumbai.

After much discussion, we had our schedule ready for the day, which was to be followed after filling ourselves with the delicious Maharashtrian breakfast. We ordered the breakfast in the rooms. Soon, we were served with the tempting ‘poha’, a very common breakfast dish in Mumbai, and toasts. We hogged on the breakfast and started the ‘Mumbai darshan’.


Poha -common breakfast dish in Mumbai | Image Resource :


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