Madh Fort Versova Mumbai – Beautiful Place to Rejuvenate

After a wonderful time at the beautiful church of Mount Mary, we headed for our next destination of the day, which was the Madh Fort. It was Sanjay’s plan to visit a place that is separated from the hustle and bustle of the city and where we could enjoy the beach water – it finally lead to our visit to the famous Madh Fort or the Versova Fort.

Madh Fort Versova Mumbai

Madh Fort Versova Mumbai | Image Resource :

Madh Fort is a relatively small fort located in northern Mumbai at Madh Island. The fort was established by the Portuguese as a watch tower and they lost it in the year 1739 in a war against Maratha Empire. The place is secluded, and we opted to go ahead by a ferry boat via Versova. On reaching the place, we were welcomed by the tactical view of the coastline. However, the fort was not in a good shape. Its outer pretense is intact but on the inside it was decaying. It is now under the charge of the Indian Air Force and consent is required for exploring it. We asked the guard if we could enter the fort and he refused by telling us about the norms of Indian defense force and that it was for the security of our country. We accepted the ban, as it was for our own good. No photography of the fort is allowed, so we didn’t have any pictures of the fort as well.

Ferry boat

Ferry boat | Image Resource :

There were numerous fishermen communities surrounding the area. We noticed that though the Madh Island Beach was very renowned amongst tourists and is visited by them in large numbers, the beach was cleaner than the other beaches in the state. We strolled for hours there and enjoyed the beauty of the place. The shore was bordered by mangroves that was adding to the beauty of the beach and was also contributing in separating the beach from the mainland.

Many people were present there to enjoy the scenic beauty and relax themselves from the bustle of the city, though not crowded. The calm water and the soothing scene were rejuvenating to everyone. We also enjoyed the beach. It was a nice place to visit.


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