Time For A Long Journey From Jaipur To Mumbai By JP BCT Supfast

When it comes to vacations, we generally ponder of a place that is no less than a wonderland, encircled by clean blue waters and the lands are covered with pleasing lush greenery, or some may fancy a location that is famous for its temples and holiness.

Jaipur Station

Jaipur Station | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Well, for me, vacations are a time to experiment with new places that I haven’t visited and cuisines that I haven’t tasted during the past years of my life. This ‘travelling thrill” is accentuated when I am with my affable and funky friends. So when one of my friends put forward the desire to visit the never sleeping city of Mumbai, we (four of us) readily made arrangements to explore the place. I took a week’s leave from my insurance office, and packed my bags. I was given the responsibilities to book the tickets for train to reach Mumbai. So I promptly made reservations for the long journey from Jaipur to Mumbai by JP BCT Supfast, which was now our source of transportation.

JP BCT Supfast

JP BCT Supfast | Image Resource : flickr.com

Mumbai is a very famous and lively city, but it is not considered amongst the most scenic cities of India, yet it is a big attraction to people like none other city of India. This city is the commercial as well as entertainment hub of our country. It is also a “dream city” where people arrive from various parts of the country to accomplish their desires of becoming ‘rich, famous and successful’.

I was visiting the place for the first time unlike all my friends who had visited the place at least once. I got our tickets reserved in the second a/c coach of the train. It was a two days long journey. JP BCT Supfast was scheduled to depart from Jaipur at 2:10 pm and we were to reach the Mumbai central station at 7:40 am on the second day of boarding the train. We reached the station on time and occupied our reserved accommodation. All through our way, we were communicating with our fellow passengers and talking, playing cards or listening to music. There was a small kid in our compartment and we all made good friends with him. It was a jovial journey.

Mumbai central station

Mumbai central station | Image Resource : flickr.com


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