Indian Museum Kolkata One of the Oldest Museums for Rare Artifacts

The morning in Kolkata was very appealing. The weather was moderate; there may have been a shower in the wee hours which had bought down the heat considerably. I got ready and finished my breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The commute to my first sightseeing, the Indian Museum Kolkata for the day was to arrive any moment. There is a constant traffic of people in the lobby of the hotel, people coming in and going out. The native language Bengali is extremely sweet to hear but also very difficult to comprehend for me.

Indian Museum Kolkata

Indian Museum Kolkata | Image Resource :

It took very little time to reach the Museum. Just a couple of traffic signals and I was in front of this massive building which looked stately and imposing. Built by the efforts of Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, a Dutchman and a botanist by profession, the museum is now run by the Asiatic Society. The design of the building had been the brainchild of Walter R. Granville and the Museum has been an inseparable part of Kolkata since 1875. I stepped in through a hallway where the most noted people may have been. Among the various rare and precious artifacts on display, there are some items which are very appealing. The 4000 year old Egyptian Mummy was spooky for me. Along with it, fossils of animals dating back to the pre historic times are also on display which is very interesting to look at. A considerable amount of relics belonging to Buddha is also housed in the Museum like the Buddhist Stupa, his ashes and also the Ashokan Pillar.

Buddhist Stupa

Buddhist Stupa | Image Resource :

This part of Kolkata where the Indian Museum Kolkata is located is called Chowringhee and is one of the very important streets since the British period. Once I finished looking at all the notable artifacts in the Museum, I exited and made way to Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. The car had been parked in a lane near the Museum. The distance to reach the Academy from here is not a lot as well. I was looking forward to experience the esteemed Academy where the crafty and the creative minds of artists are nurtured and encouraged.

Elephant skeleton In Museum

Elephant skeleton In Museum | Image Resource :


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