Nicco Park Kolkata A place where the young and the old can enjoy the rides

Kolkata is a terrific place to visit, I had understood by now. After a visit to the Science City, I had plans to visit the Nicco Park Kolkata to make sure I maximize my fun in the City of Joy. Situated in a little offset road from the E.M Bypass, the life line of Kolkata, the place used to be a modest children park called the Jhilmil Park which had nothing but an aviary and a toy train where people used to come for picnics with friends and family. Away from the madness of the city, this place used to be also the most favorite haunt for love birds and romantic couples who could be seen here meeting with each other away from the glare of the world. Although, the park has seen a great amount of modernization with various rides and lovely eating facilities now, yet one can still find the similar culture of young things having a date here.

The Main Entrance Of Nicco Park

The Main Entrance Of Nicco Park | Image Resource :

Along with the young people, Nicco Park is the favorite of kids. Children of all ages find some or the other ride in the facility which makes them very happy. The Park, I noticed has been very well maintained and everything has become organized; when you enter after paying for the entry ticket, you are given a band for your wrist which specifies the rides that you may have pre-paid for. This way you can have the option to pay for your rides while entering so that the rush at the ticket counter for specific rides can be avoided. A few steps away from the entrance is a souvenir shop which has various bags and caps having the print of the Park’s mascot on it.

Fun Ride At Park

Fun Ride At Park | Image Resource :

A little further down in Nicco Park Kolkata is the food court on the right which is a large space where one can have all the delicacies under one roof. Beyond these the rides begin. Some of the rides that I liked the most here are the Flying Saucer, the River Cave Ride and Go Karting among several others. The whole day passed quite fast and by the evening it was time to revert back to Hotel Royal Garden, Kolkata.


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