Hotel Royal Garden Kolkata For A Comfortable Stay In the Heart of the City

Nicco Park had been great fun. I exited the Park around 7 PM and was caught up in the rush of the traffic while returning to my abode- Hotel Royal Garden, Kolkata. But, the stillness of the night was punctuated with the blaring of the vehicles and the Kolkata roads were shimmering with the lights of the billboards. There was no chance that Kolkata was retiring so soon; for the Kolkatans, the night was still young.  The way to the hotel was relatively simple, it required me to go through none of the smaller road or lanes but the roads were smooth and central. Situated in Park Street- the heart of all important activities of the city, the hotel façade is modest and pretty much reflects its simplicity and assured comfort.

Hotel Royal Garden Kolkata

Hotel Royal Garden Kolkata | Image Resource :

The hotel is no more than a two star facility but the hospitality that the hotel offered is indeed remarkable. Not only is the hotel economical but since it is so strategically located, one can save on the cab fares while going sightseeing. Park Street where the hotel is located is the most happening place of the city; it has numerous restaurants, fast food joints, important shops and is very famous for the celebrations that take place here during Christmas and New Year. It is said that all the action takes place here and accommodations in this part of the city during that time is virtually impossible. I was beat and I made way to my room straight. The ever helpful and the courteous staff were prompt with my food in my room and the meal was served hot and steamy. The taste of the food was indeed very commendable also.

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall | Image Resource :

The only drawback that I thought could be that the Hotel Royal Garden Kolkata is bang on the main street so I wondered if it ever has any quiet but once inside my room, I did not even feel the slightest noise of outside. It was very relaxing. The next day I would visit the Indian Museum, Kolkata for the priceless exhibits that it has and I am told it is not far from here.


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