Science City Kolkata- For Gaining the Ultimate Experience

I had always been amused by gadgets and scientific fiction since childhood. I didn’t know there existed a place on earth where I could actually see all my fantasies come alive. Such is the largest Science centre in the Indian Subcontinent known as Science City Kolkata. It was truly a place of wonder where one could witness science come alive. A place cut out for people of every age. Kids can wonder the dynamics of science and feel amused whereas adults could educate and feed on the knowledge of latest advancements science has shown over the past few years.

Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata | Image Resource :

The best part about this centre was that it was situated amidst trees and lawns. It was the first of its kind institution I had ever seen in my life. The space flight exhibits made me wonder how it would feel to wander around in the outer space. I could feel a sense of fear being well aware the dinosaur projections were not coming alive to eat me up. The world of insects and reptiles, aviary and the most attractive part was the musical fountain. The auditorium was well equipped with most advanced audio video systems and air conditioning. The convention center complex easily had a capacity of 2200 people in the main auditorium.

Earth Exploration Hall

Earth Exploration Hall | Image Resource :

I had my lunch at the grand food plaza situated inside the premises itself. There are rides available for children making them feel closer to the world of wild birds and dinosaurs. Fascination of the place is not biased to children. Adults can experience the exciting cable car ride covering the entire ground giving a bird eye view tour of the place. I personally loved the illusions exhibitions where I started to doubt my visual perceptions over the projections depicted. I was overwhelmed by the amazing biodiversity of butterflies and different species of fishes in 26 large aquariums. The Science City Kolkata is a must visit for anyone who has an interest in science and anyone who shares my childhood fantasies about gadgets and science fiction. The next place to visit on my list was Nicco Park Kolkata.

cable car ride

cable car ride | Image Resource :



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