My Best Journey From Jaipur To Kolkata By Ju Hwh Supfast- An Exotic Journey

I have sold numerous insurance policies to various strangers in my life and taken a lot of blessing. But I need a break, a holiday to give myself a little bit of alone time to introspect and rejuvenate. I couldn’t think of any place to visit better than the sweetest with the sweetest people Kolkata. I planned my trip and carefully manufactured an itinerary to ensure I cover every place that stands out in the beautiful city. I booked a ticket for my west journey from jaipur to howrah junction kolkata by ju hwh supfast, packed my bags, put on my holiday cap and set out for this much needed voyage.

Ju Hwh Supfast

Ju Hwh Supfast | Image Resource :

I reached Jaipur Junction at 2:05 which left me five minutes to catch the train which was scheduled to depart at 2:10. Luckily the train got late by 10 minutes and I was able to board the train without any problems. I had a comfortable window seat and my bags filled with dry snacks. My fellow travelers included a married couple, a south Indian engineer and a medical student going to visit his family back in Kolkata. It was a really memorable journey as I connected with each and every one. The engineer took the liberty to show us the amazing tricks he could do with a deck of cards.

Howrah junction Kolkata

Howrah junction Kolkata | Image Resource :

I was shocked how he could have guessed the card I was holding in my hand. The student turned out to be an amazing singer when he mesmerized me with an old Hindi movie song which happened to be my favorite. The train was superfast in the literal meaning of the word. I spent a lot of time of my long journey playing with the cute baby that married couple had. He was born just nine months ago and was the cutest little thing in the world I had ever seen. It’s funny how you meet strangers in a journey and develop a connection with them.

A connection that even brings tears in your eyes sometimes when your reach your destination and part from each other. My my west journey from jaipur to howrah junction kolkata by ju hwh supfast was memorable and as I reached the destination, I felt the journey went by in the blink of an eye. Time just flies when you are having a good time. I took a pre paid cab to my hotel, checked in and freshened up. Now I was set to explore this beautiful city.


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