Hotel Park Inn – A Comfortable Stay

All we friends had a great journey in the train. Joe, Rishabh and Raman met me at the Delhi station. We talked for a while and then slept so that we can enjoy a great vacation at Jammu.

Hotel Park Inn Jammu

Hotel Park Inn Jammu | Image Resource : tripadvisor .com

The train reached the destination of Jammu the very next day in the morning at around 8:15 am. The cold breeze at the station welcomed us to this beautiful city. We all were very excited to visit this place and were looking forward for a memorable experience. The station was clean and was well developed. The local stalls were offering snacks and hot steaming beverages. We all opted for a cup of hot coffee to enjoy the cold weather. While sipping our coffee, we were recalling our good old college days. We then moved out of the station and hired a cab to reach our hotel- hotel park inn

The hotel was located very close to the railway station, mere 5 kilometers. We reached there in just 10 minutes. The hotel, at first look, was a simple and decent. We concluded the formalities at the front desk and were ushered by the affable staff to our rooms. We had two rooms booked for us. We were pleased on entering the rooms as the rooms were sheer value to money. Those were simple rooms, decently decorated and comfortable accommodation with all the basic amenities of television, air conditioner and telephone provided to us.

Tea And Biscuits

Tea And Biscuits | Image Resource :

The rooms were clean and cozy, that instantly made us to relax and after a minute of entering the room, we were all on the bed comforting ourselves.We didn’t realize that we all were fast asleep for about an hour. It was only after the room service knocked the door, Rishabh got up. He woke us all up (a real tough task) and we refreshed ourselves with a cup of tea, some biscuits and sandwiches.

After a while, we all planned to start our expedition of the city. The hotel park inn l was an asset with this as it was located in the commercial centre of the city and was easily assessable to the local hotspots.


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