Traditional Dress And Jewellery of Gujarat- Depicting The Culture

The Gujarati dressing style is one such star in the Indian culture that it attracts people from outside the country to try it for once. India being a diversified country, the culture and ethnicity can be interpreted from the clothes a state wears. Each and every state of India has a different dressing sense. However the Gujarati sense of clothing is something to die for. The traditional chaniya and choli for women and chorno and kediyu for men are the striking features of the state. During my stay in Gujarat, I wanted to make a detailed and thorough research on the dress and clothing style of the state. I was always a keen observer and always wanted to learn more and more about a particular state. As this time I was there I wanted to go beyond the apparent clothing style and discover the authentic apparels of Gujarat.

Chaniya And Choli

Chaniya And Choli | Image Resource :


Kediyu | Image Resource :

Gujarati attire is filled with lavish ornaments and jewelleries. Embroidery is found in every piece of art. The male attire is colorful with a short kediyu and chorno and a bright-colored turban to wear on the head. Such kind of clothing is not seen in the cities; however there are people who wear such costumes in the rural areas of Gujarat. The dresses of women are even more attractive. The combination of a petticoat, often known as ‘chaniya’ in the local language and a blouse which is commonly known as ’choli’ with a bead-studded ‘chunri’ adds glam to the dressing style. The chunri is often designed with zaris, heavy borders, embroidery works and beautiful designs. The Gujarati style of dressing is mostly observed during festive seasons like Dusshera and Navratris. Almost every Gujarati have traditional attire in their wardrobe.


Jewellery | Image Resource :

The ornaments of Gujarat include rings, earrings, neck pieces, chains, bangles and bracelets. Apart from all these general ornaments, ‘mangalsutra’ is one such jewellery which every married woman wears. Gujarati men wear dhoti, kurta with a short coat and a turban on their head. The lovely Gujarati dressing style is slowly being invaded by the western culture and these traditional authentic Gujarati styles are being replaced by the more modern attires.

Gujrati Bangles

Gujrati Bangles | Image Resource :

Red And White Turban

Red And White Turban | Image Resource :


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