Handicrafts in Gujarat- An Art since Long Centuries

Gujarat handwork is old as long as the state itself. As I was visiting Gujarat with my friends, I had already decided to discover the traditional art and culture of the state in every possible manner. The handicrafts of Gujarat have its own name and they are known all over the world. Skilled art and craftsmanship is found in every piece of work. The elegance and accuracy of the works done in Gujarat are known for years and have been a good source of income for the rural public of the state. The different forms of handicraft done in Gujarat are Chaklas, Pichhitpatis, Abhala, Toran, Bhitiya etc.

Bead work/Torans

Bead work/Torans | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in

Abhala is a mirror work in which beads and small pieces of mirrors are encrusted over silk and polyester clothes. These clothes have now become an integral part of the women fashion world. These clothes depict true Indian culture and are appreciated by foreigners as well. Chaklas are squared pieces embroidered from all sides and are used as furniture covers. Similarly wall hangings are known as Pachhitpatis in their local language and they are also very famous in Gujarat and rest of the country.

Gujrat Bandhani

Gujrat Bandhani | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in

The tie-and-dye fabric known as ‘Bandhani’ work is gaining popularity among several women. This kind of work is made over ladies dupattas, sarees and dress materials. Fine thread work and zari work is done on the apparels to make them look more beautiful. Almost every Gujarati family use the Bandhej print as a dress be it male or female. Two to three beads are put together to create the motifs with vibrant colors and distinguished patterns. Kathis are a form of tribalsin Gujarat who are famous for these works of beads.

Patola of Patan

Patola of Patan | Image Resource : thegujaratstate.blogspot.in

The Patola of Patan are forms of sarees which are quite famous in Gujarat owing to its attractive geometrical patterns. The jewel work of Gujarat is also very famous. Gold, silver, iron, copper, bronze and different forms of metals are used as jewelleries by the local women staying in Gujarat and are also exported outside the state. Apart from all such works, wood work, pottery, textile culture, furnishings, zari work etc. are also very famous all over the world which have originated from Gujarat.

Patola Silk Textile Handicraft

Patola Silk Textile Handicraft | Image Resource : blog.indianeagle.com


Pottery | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in

Jewellery Work

Jewellery Work | Image Resource : thehindu.com

Metal work

Metal work | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in


Furnishings | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in


Handicraft | Image Resource : foundationdezin.blogspot.in


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