Spending the Day at Omaxe Mall Patiala

After what seemed to be an enjoyable day at Patiala, I decided to spend the rest of the day and also have my food at the only operational shopping mall in town. The Omaxe Mall Patiala is one of the most popular destinations for the residents of this quaint town and it houses all the popular brands from around the world. It is a large structure with a glass front and quite an impressive piece of modern urban architecture. Out of the total space of over three lakhs square feet, the operational area of the mall includes a total of two lakhs square feet.

Omaxe Mall Patiala

Omaxe Mall Patiala | Image Resource : patialvis.blogspot.in

It was an interesting destination and there was a flurry of activity everywhere. It seemed that in the small town, most of the people were spending their leisure at the mall. There were excited shoppers at every corner and they were all busy looking at the displays and commenting on the wares to their companions or on the phone. There were too many shops and no matter where I turned, it was a marketing paradise. The food court had struck my fancy being starved from all the sightseeing. There were all the popular food brands and restaurants that I heard about and saw in commercials. I settled myself for quite a filling meal which despite being mostly junk food excited my taste buds thoroughly. It was a gala at the mall and from what it seemed there was a gala every day. The souvenirs still needed to be bought and I made my rounds around the mall searching for the perfect item.

Inside Omaxe Mall

Inside Omaxe Mall | Image Resource : patialvis.blogspot.in

The gift shop at the mall served my purposes and I stayed browsing through other shops till the late evening and headed back to my hotel slowly as the night began to set in. The roads were busy with people returning from their jobs for a quiet evening back home and I reminisced of my own job, which awaited me in Jaipur. My train was set for the following morning and I looked forward to one last night of relaxed entertainment. No doubt, my stay in Patiala has given me wonderful memory.


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