Patiala Heritage Festival Leaves You Spellbound

Beas River

Beas River | Image Resource :

The awesome memory of the Baisakhi festival hadn’t faded out from my mind when I had the privilege to take part in the Patiala heritage festival. I knew that the interaction between land and rivers was considered as an integral part of the most of the festivals carried out in Punjab. This was mainly due to the fact that it had five of India’s most famous rivers namely Beas, Jhelum, Ravi, Sutlej and Chenab flowing through it.


Ravi | Image Resource :

Chenab River

Chenab River | Image Resource :

That state was extremely famous for possessing a splendid history of organizing different kinds of fairs and festivals with enthusiasm and grandeur and the Patiala heritage festival was not an exception as well. The vivacity and colour of the festival were the main reasons for its immense popularity. Most of the social festivals were held after the harvest was ripe and prepared. Though a large number of festivals such as Lohri, Gurpurab, Bahidooj, Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi and Mehendi are celebrated in the state, the Patiala heritage festival was undoubtedly one of the best and I was lucky enough to experience it physically.

Celebration Of Lohri

Celebration Of Lohri | Image Resource :


Lohri festival | Image Resource :

The Patiala heritage festival was to run for seven continuous days and consisted of a number of acts by India’s finest exponents in the field of theatre, dance and classical music. The first day of the festival hosted a ghazal, which was performed by a legendry singer from Pakistan. After the entire hectic journey that I had to go through till now, the ghazal enabled me to relax my mind. Some of the other events that were held during the festival included Sufi music performed by another singer from Pakistan, a darbar for kavis (poets) and lectures on the handicraft traditions and art of Punjab.


Bhangra Dance at Baisakhi festival | Image Resource :

On the next day, I was able to enjoy a fashion show that exhibited splendid designs crafted by some of the foremost designers of India specializing in women wear. I was really mesmerized by the music concert performed on the final day by some of the leading pop singers from India as well as Pakistan. I learnt that heritage walks were also held at Qila Bahadurgarh and Qila Mubarak during the heritage festival.


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