Staying at Hotel Jiwan Plaza

It was an interesting day with all the sightseeing. I was tired and wanted to relax for the evening at the hotel, which I hadn’t even explored properly. The hotel I had chosen to set up my base camp was called the Hotel Jiwan Plaza. It was easily accessible from the train station and the bus stop. Most of the popular sightseeing destinations were easily accessible from the hotel. The staff members were polite and proved to be enjoyable company. Most of the other residents at the hotel were couples and families. The restaurant was a popular one, which I gathered from the food quality and the accommodations were quite relaxing.

Super Delux Room At Hotel Jiwan Plaza

Super Delux Room At Hotel Jiwan Plaza | Image Resource :

The hotel had provided the rooms with a television and with a lot of channels. The bed was a comfortable one with incredibly soft pillows and a comfortable blanket. That evening I was bunched up inside with some beverages and caught up with all my favorite shows one by one. There were also a few popular films showing and I came across one I had missed the other day back home and watched it till dinner time. As I prepared to head down to the restaurant, I went for a shower. The bathroom was an exceptional treat with modernized western touches.


Roomview | Image Resource :

The restaurant was a beautiful place with ordered tables. Songs from popular movies were playing on the stereo and the ambience was lively. The menu was adorned with excellent delicacies, including a few of my favorites. The Hotel Jiwan Plaza boasts of its restaurants and comfort regarding the rooms. The rooms were lived up to all expectations and exceeded a few. I decided to check if the restaurant was up to speed as it claims. The only deficiency, it seemed, was the bar, which was absent. But seeing as how I don’t drink, it was fine. The food was excellent and I relished the delicacies with euphoric enthusiasm, and I was quite content as I headed off to sleep for another round of sightseeing the following day. Tomorrow would bring me face to face with the Gurudwara, which lay quite close to the hotel.


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