A Serene Atmosphere at Kali Devi Temple in Patiala

The Moti Bagh Palace was satisfactory although I wish I could have seen the taxidermy gallery. Having tea at a nearby vendor’s, I found out through a little interesting conversation that the Kali Devi Temple in Patiala was worth a visit. It was not very far off from where I was and all it would take was a single bus. The journey lasted close to twenty minutes in a bus, which was nearly empty except for a few office goers and one exceptionally seedy looking fellow with a lazy eye that constantly seemed to be watching my nonchalance with rapt attention. I was glad to get off the bus when my stop came.

Kali Devi Temple in Patiala

Kali Devi Temple in Patiala |  Image Resource : flickr.com

The temple was a sight to behold in itself. It was built along the lines of the classic domed structure and made of white marble. The familiar aroma of incense immediately hit me as I neared the ornate wrought gates. The temple was not very large, but held itself in a feminine yet majestic grace that people expect from a goddess who stands on Shiva. The priest was eyeing my movements as I walked around the façade taking photographs for memorabilia. The gateway that led into the main shrine, which housed the altar was crimson and wrought with golden studs. The idol was a hauntingly beautiful sight to behold. The bloody tongue hung past her chin and the demons that surrounded her seemed all the more frightening than it would have otherwise seemed.

In Temple

In Temple |  Image Resource : flickr.com

One of the most interesting features of the Kali Devi Temple in Patiala was that at the very center of the complex stood an older temple, which was dedicated to Mata Raj Rajeshwari. The conflicting themes were interesting to behold. I later found out that the worshippers at the temple still followed the ancient pagan rituals as tradition and stuck to customs that were by nature incredibly bloody and violent. It was time for lunch when I left the temple with all its pagan influences behind. I took the bus back to my hotel for a little time to myself to gather my thoughts.


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